Being with all of your experiences

Finding Peace Within Yourself

The video explains that a full life involves a range of emotions, both positive and negative. Many people try to avoid or suppress unwanted thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations, especially if intense. However, this takes a lot of energy and may prevent you from living life fully.

Instead, the video suggests allowing unwanted experiences to just be there without having to like them. This frees up energy to focus on people and activities important to you. Even with unwanted thoughts or feelings, you can still participate in life in meaningful ways, perhaps at a slower pace or with breaks.

Unwanted emotions are a normal part of life. With effort and creativity, even small steps towards allowing them to exist can help you live more meaningfully.

To watch this thought-provoking video that reminds us of what really matters in life, click the link below:

Watch: Being with all your experiences

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