Empowering Black Youth: Combating Hair Stigma in Care

The video discusses the challenges faced by black youth, particularly those in foster care, regarding their hair and self-esteem. It highlights instances where school administrators and other authority figures have targeted black students for their hair, leading to feelings of alienation and a desire to conform to societal norms. The video also delves into the historical context of black hair, tracing its stigmatization back to the era of slavery when tightly coiled African hair was compared to animal wool as a means to justify inhumane exploitation.

The video features Styles for Kids, a non-profit organization that provides hair care services, education, and resources for transracial adoptive families, biracial children, and foster kids. The organization aims to address the needs of foster youth and their hair and skin care, which is an essential aspect of their self-esteem and identity. By providing tools and resources, Styles for Kids helps foster better understanding and bonding between youth and their families, ultimately promoting a positive sense of self and cultural pride

Textured Hair Care Guide