Shining Through Adversity

Sunshine's journey from foster care to a public health DrPH, a leadership and practice Docotorate degree, illuminates the path for Black foster youth, advocating for equity, mentorship, and systemic change in public health leadership.

By |March 22, 2024|

Black Foster Kids: Mentorship as Adoption Path

There are too many Black children in foster care waiting to be adopted, and too few Black foster families in the child welfare system. Black children are overrepresented in the foster care system in America, making up 22% of the children in foster care, but only 14% of the nation’s child population. There

By |December 20, 2023|

Many Americans Consider Foster Care, Unsure of Eligibility

In a compelling report shared on PR Newswire, Kidsave and Gallup unveil crucial insights in their study "Americans' Views of U.S. Foster Care." This research reveals that a significant portion of Americans, especially Black Americans, lack understanding about their eligibility to provide foster care while also facing challenges such as the need for

By |November 29, 2023|

Clarifying Foster Care to Motivate Potential Caregivers

In their insightful article, "Demystifying Foster Care to Encourage Potential Caregivers," Gallup, in partnership with Kidsave’s EMBRACE Project, emphasizes the potential to increase foster and adoptive parents through better awareness of eligibility, mentoring programs, and temporary child hosting opportunities. With one in four Americans considering foster care, particularly higher among Black Americans, the

By |November 29, 2023|

Black Americans Eager to Foster, Face Barriers: Study

This thought-provoking article shines a light on the critical need for fostering trust, eliminating discrimination, and fostering hope within the Black community. It's a call to action for foster care organizations to step up and support the aspirations of Black caregivers, ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, finds a safe and

By |November 3, 2023|

Black Adults: High Interest, Low Trust in Foster Care

Dive into groundbreaking research that unveils the remarkable commitment of one in three Black Americans who have contemplated providing foster care for children, surpassing rates among other racial/ethnic groups. Discover how 25% of Black adults have seriously considered adopting foster children or participating in foster care programs, shedding light on their passion for

By |November 3, 2023|

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